Öresund: Connecting Swedes and Danes

The organization consist of 36 members, 18 members each from Denmark and Sweden.

February 17th, 2016 9:13 pm| by Greater Copenhagen Post
The Oresund Committee, which is an organization formed in 1993 is a platform for regional political collaboration in the Öresund region . The organization consist of 36 members, eighteen members each from Denmark and Sweden.
The recent proposals from the platform in the back drop of European migration crisis, would like to continue the efforts of minimizing the barriers for work, living and collaboration between Denmark and Sweden. For more details, in relation to the rule and its current status check here
Sweden and Denmark enjoys a great bilateral cooperation at the national level as well as among the municipalities of the two nations forming strong economic corporations over the years.
Border barriers are taken from the following sources; The report “33 border obstacles – challenges and opportunities”. From the work of “Bornholm group.

The results of the workshops that have been held about the unemployment insurance and the labor market for cultural workers.