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International bright young things

Design school predicts that overseas students will prove the difference in case competition

Are wold packs on their way to Denmark (Photo: Gunner Ries)
March 3rd, 2013 5:00 pm| by admin


Ola Pukki, the head of studies at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA), has predicted that teams taking part in a newly-launched case competition will have an advantage if they include international students.

The case competition, which was officially launched last week on Friday by KEA and the Copenhagen Cooperative Bank (Københavns Andelskasse), will see teams of students competing to create the best sales campaign for the bank. 

“If the groups consist of both international and Danish students, it will be a huge advantage,” contends Ola Pukki, the head of studies at KEA.

“International students will probably have a very different approach to sales campaign than what we are used to in Denmark, so their ideas will be fresh and new. Danish students have a good understanding of the Danish culture and can adapt the fresh ideas into a practical plan. In fact, the international students and Danish students will be quite dependant on each other in this competition.”

Xinxin Gudbjörnsson, the project manager at the Copenhagen Cooperative Bank, is enthused that the students will be able to participate regardless of what they study. “Many case competitions favour economics students, engineering students, marketing students or design students,” she said. “This one is for all students with good ideas and the ability to make a solid plan. It’s not an academic assignment.”

The case competition is the first of many that the bank intends to co-ordinate. “Many of our owners and board members are teachers, so we are interested in working with students,” said Gudbjörnsson. 

“We have many ideas for different case competitions. Our many teachers at the bank can help the school create an interesting and creative competition, and the bank is very willing to sponsor with student-friendly prizes.”


The case competition mentioned in this article is only for KEA students. Should your school be interested in running a case competition, contact Xinxin Gudbjörnsson  at 

Are wold packs on their way to Denmark (Photo: Gunner Ries)
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