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2014: A year for the leisurely

This year has your holidays lined up on a nice row of weekdays

2014 will offer up an optimal amount of days to enjoy with family and friends, or a leisurely jog down the beach (Photo: Colourbox)

January 15, 2014

by Christian Wenande

Let’s face it, working in Denmark even at the worst of times is usually pretty relaxed. For most people it’s 37.5 hours a week and that’s it. 

For Danes, life is meant to be lived, not laboured away, and 2014 will give plenty of opportunity for the leisurely to embrace what they do best.

If you're finding yourself feeling burnt out just two weeks into the new year, fret not. Twelve holidays will land on weekdays in 2014 and added to the 52 weekends and five weeks of holiday, most people can expect to work a total of around just 220 days during the year.

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Weekday holidays galore
Unless you work for the United Nations, an embassy or some other institution that is exempt from recognising Danish holidays, you’re in for a few more hours away from your annoying colleagues/boss this year.

In fact, wastrels and hobbyists alike will have a whopping 145 days of enjoying life at their disposal.

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New Year's Day, the only holiday that we've already cashed in, has already passed, but there is still plenty to look forward to. On the whole, 2014 is certainly a step up from previous years. Particularly bad was 2010 when Christmas and New Years holidays both coincided with weekends, an unfortunate phenomenon that will repeat itself in 2016. 

So book that elusive getaway or prep the couch for a 'Boardwalk Empire' marathon, because 2014 is a good year to live life a little bit more than usual. 

Here are your 2014 holidays still to come: 

Thursday, April 17: Skærtorsdag / Maundy Thursday
Friday, April 18: Langfredag / Good Friday
Monday, April 21: 2. påskedag / Easter Monday
Thursday, May 1: International Workers Day (not an official holiday for everyone)
Friday, May 16: Store Bededag / General Prayer Day
Thursday, May 29: Kristi Himmelfartsdag / Ascension Day
Thursday, June 5: Grundlovsdag / Constitution Day (not an official holiday for everyone)
Monday, June 9: 2. Pinsedag / Whit Monday
Wednesday, December 24: Juleaftensdag / Christmas Eve
Thursday, December 25: 1. juledag / Christmas
Friday, December 26: 2. juledag / Second Day of Christmas

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