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Tel Aviv welcomes special ‘Geist’ to culinary exchange worth travelling for

Chef Bo Bech of Geist Restaurant collaborates with Tel Aviv’s Chef Shlomi Harari of Hotel Montefiore as part of AMEX Round Tables Festival

Chef Shlomi Harari of Hotel Montefiore (photo: Idit Ben Oliel)
November 2nd, 2017 6:00 pm| by Dave Smith

There’s quite a bit to say about the differences between the cities of Copenhagen and Tel Aviv.

From the weather to the cultural attitude to the cuisine, these two urban enclaves are on opposite ends of the societal spectrum.

But as opposites often attract, Chef Bo Bech of Copenhagen’s Geist and Chef Shlomi Harari of Tel Aviv’s Hotel Montefiore, two celebrated gastronomical minds in their respective regions, will come together for an ephemeral culinary classic known as the AMEX RoundTables from November 8-12.

Nordic dishes infused with Tel Avivian attitude
This one-week collaboration will give birth to a new hybrid menu of Chef Bech’s Nordic dishes infused with Israeli flare, local regional produce and a Tel Avivian attitude.

With the event kicking off in just one week, we sat down with Chef Shlomi Harari to pick his brain about his new-found love for Danish cuisine, and what guests of the Hotel Montefiore RoundTables event with Chef Bech can expect this month.

What do you find to be most exciting about Danish cuisine?
Danish cuisine worships raw produce in the same way we do in Israel. A proper example is Chef Bech’s avocado dish. Consisting of only three ingredients, the avocado gets treated as if it was the most prestigious product, like a fine caviar.

Were you able to experience any restaurants while visiting Copenhagen in preparation for RoundTables?
Unfortunately I had only three days in Copenhagen and so much material to cover, and I insisted on spending a whole day of work in the kitchen, preparation and service, so there was no time for pleasure. I only got the chance to visit Chef Thorsten Schmidt at his new restaurant during my last night before heading back home.

What can be expected of this unique collaboration between Hotel Mon-tefiore and Chef Bo Bech?
Guests should expect very precise and simple food that puts the product in front rather than the person who created the dish – a philosophy that is at the core of Hotel Montefiore. Chef Bech’s dish of spinach with walnuts & wild fennel is a fine example of a light and hearty raw-vegetable dish that will surprise and delight our guests.

How can Israeli produce and culinary methods elevate the dishes and gastronomical approach by Chef Bo Bech?
Israel is blessed with world-class quality olive oil, fresh wild herbs, fruit and vegetables. I know Chef Bech is very anxious to come and discover what our soil yields and how it can amplify and enhance the products and combination of flavours and even textures.

What can travellers from Copenhagen expect when visiting Tel Aviv?
Nearly-perfect weather, especially in the early autumn season, as well as beautiful people and incomparably warm hospitality.

Chef Bo Bech of Geist Restaurant