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A glorious glimpse into Guston's genius

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gammel Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; opens June 4; louisiana.dk

Philip Guston is one of he best expressionist artists of the 20th century

June 3, 2014

by Emily Shaw

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Gammel Strandvej 13, Humlebæk; opens June 4; louisiana.dk

Louisiana welcomes the art of 20th century painter Philip Guston. 

The transition is appropriate: one of the museum’s previous exhibition featured the work of Jackson Pollock, with whom Guston was associated as members of the New York School of painters. 

While the two may have worked alongside one another, throughout his career Guston moved away from the pure abstraction Pollock is so well known for to establish his own, cartoonish form of expressionist painting. 

The Future is Handmade

Form/Design Center, Hjulhamnsgatan 5, Malmö; opens June 5; formdesigncenter.com

(Photo: formdesigncenter.com)

This is a celebration of craftsmanship spanning the realms of fashion, product design and graphic design. Curated by Petra Lilja, it takes inspiration from once radical designers like Erik Hoglund.

In Hemingway's Garden

Fotografisk Center, Building 55, Staldgade 16 Cph V; opens June 6; photography.dk

(Photo: photography.dk)

Finnish landscape photographer Heli Rekula finds inspiration in Ernest Hemingway. The show features original photography, vintage photos and memorabilia. 



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