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A summer of Jazz: Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014

10 days, 10 venues and more than 1,200 concerts

(Photo: jazz.dk)

July 4, 2014

by The Copenhagen Post

The 36th edition of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival starts on Friday, July 4, and offers 10 days of enjoyable jazz fest throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

With 100 venues and more than 120 concerts a day, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of Europe’s largest jazz events.

Big-name international acts
This year the organisers of CJF are encouraging the public to buy their tickets well in advance as they say that tickets are selling pretty fast, mostly because of the many international names on the line-up.

Some of the big-name acts you should look out for include the likes of; Concha Buika (ES), The John Scofield Überjam Band (US), Tinariwen (ML), Manu Katché & Richard Bona (FR/CM), Children of the Light Trio (PA/US), Stacey Kent (US), Hiromi (JP), Thurston Moore & Mats Gustafsson (US/SE), Christian McBride Trio (US), Dave Holland’s “Prism” (UK/US), Joshua Redman Quartet (US) and many more.

Besides the headliners, whom you can read more about in this Supplement, the programme also includes several local Danish acts not to be missed – and Copenhageners are encouraged to go out and support our local jazz scene.

In addition these is also on offer; Open Air concerts, children’s jazz, night concerts, and this year’s special concert themes such as Jazz by the Sea, Something Else, 21st Century Jazz, Future Sound of Jazz, Jazz Remixed, Jazz Meets the Street, among others.

One of this year’s newest themes is Wild at Heart, which focuses on female instrumentalists and composers at Copenhagen Main Library venue.

Getting around
Copenhagen is a small city and easy to get around whether you are travelling by foot, by bike or by the city’s widespread public transport system.

During Copenhagen Jazz Festival we will make it even easier. In collaboration with the traffic companies of the capital, Copenhagen Jazz Festival offers an Event Ticket that lets you travel freely to and from the festival’s more than 100 venues.

The Event Ticket is bought online and delivered directly to your phone as a SMS.

The ticket is valid for 12 hours and comes in two versions: A day ticket valid from 08:00 – 20:00 and an evening ticket valid from 16:00 – 04:00.

The ticket costs 20 DKK for zones 1-4 (covering Copenhagen including the airport) and 40 DKK for all zones (covering the whole capital region).

The tickets allows you to travel with two kids younger than 12 years, free of charge.

16:00:    Official Opening feat. Aaron Parks  (US/DK) 
   ➡ Pressen
19:00:    Sinne Eeg 
   ➡ Sølyst
20:00:    Charenee Wade & Søren Kristiansen Trio (US/DK)
   ➡ Jazzhus Montmartre

20.00:    SOLD OUT Chick Corea & Stanley Clarke (US)
   ➡ Kulturhuset Viften

21:00:    A Tribute to Yusef Lateef
   ➡ Jazzhouse

19:00:    Stacey Kent (UK)
    ➡ Sølyst
20:30:    Best of Jazz Remixed vs. Herbie Hancock, Billie Holiday & Donald Byrd
    ➡ Frederiksberg Brandstation
21:00:    Fred Frith (UK)
    ➡ Jazzhouse
23:30:    Lee Pearson Trio (US/DK)
    ➡ Jazzhus Montmartre

18:00:    Children of the Light Trio
     ➡ Betty Nansens Teatret (PA/US)
20:00:    Alex Riel Trio feat. Dado Moroni 
     ➡ Jazzhus Montmartre (DK/IT) 
20:00:    New Jungle Orchestra feat. 
Shashank Subramanyam 
 ➡ Kulturhuset Islands Brygge (DK/IN)
21:00:    Thurston Moore & Mats Gustafsson    
     ➡ Jazzhouse (US/SE)

20.00:    SOLD OUT Gregory Porter (US)
    ➡ DR Koncerthuset
20:00:    Ginman Blachman Dahl 
    ➡ Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
21:00:    Christian McBride Trio (US)  
    ➡ Jazzhouse
22:30:    Doky/Coleman/Watts (DK/US)
    ➡ The Standard
23:00:    The Thing (NO/SE)
    ➡ Skuespilhuset

18:00:    Enrico Pieranunzi & Thomas Fonnesbæk (IT/DK)
    ➡ Gustavs Bistro & Butik
20:00:    The John Scofield Überjam Band (US)
    ➡ DR Koncerthuset
20:00:    Hiromi “The Trio Project” (JP/US/UK)
    ➡ Kulturhuset Viften
21:00:    Christian McBride Trio (US) 
    ➡ Jazzhouse

20:00:    Tinariwen (ML)
   ➡ DR Koncerthuset
20:00:    Joshua Redman Quartet (US)
    ➡ Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
20:00: Rava, Loueke, Bodilsen & Lund (IT/BJ/DK)
    ➡ Den Sorte Diamant
20:00:    Cæcilie Norby (DK/FR/SE) 
    ➡ Krudttønden
21:00: Kenny Werner Trio (US) 
    ➡ Prøvehallen
21:00:    Dave Holland’s Prism (UK/US)  
    ➡ Jazzhouse
23:00:    Chris Corsano & Mette Rasmussen (US/DK)
    ➡ Jazzhouse

20:00:    Concha Buika (ES)
    ➡ DR Koncerthuset
21:00:    Dave Holland’s Prism (UK/US)            
 ➡ Jazzhouse
22:00:    Broken Twin
    ➡ Hovedbiblioteket

22:00:    The Souljazz Orchestra (CA)  
➡ Pumpehuset

20:00:    The Syndicate (FR/MA/SE/BR/US) 
    ➡ Kulturhuset Viften
20:00:    Manu Katché & Richard Bona (FR/CM/BE/IT) 
    ➡ Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
20:00:    Jimmy Haslip/Jeff Lorber/Jeff Richman/Henrik Engqvist (US/DK)  
➡ Krudttønden
22:00:    August Rosenbaum
 ➡ Nationalmuseet
23:00:    Ibrahim Electric
➡ Pumpehuset
00:00:    Jagwa Music (TZ)
➡ Loppen

18:00:    Ginman & Eivør (DK/FO) → 
    ➡ Haveselskabets Have
20:00:    Kira Skov
    ➡ Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
20:00:    Carsten Dahl Trio (DK/US)
    ➡ Jazzhus Montmartre
20:00:    Bro, Morgan, Christensen & 
    Mikkelborg (DK/US/NO) 
    ➡ Den Sorte Diamant
21:00:    Josephine Foster (US)
    ➡ Jazzhouse

15:00:    Abel Marcel Trio (CU/DK/US) 
    ➡ Jazzhus Montmartre
18:00:    Joey Alexander Trio (ID/DK)
    ➡ The Standard
22:30:    Peter Asplund & Hannah Svensson Trio (SE/DK)
    ➡ The Standard

For more information and details on 
lunchtime concerts visit www.Jazz.dk

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