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A tale of two Nicklases and two very different tackles

Nicklas 'knickerless' Helenius and Nicklas 'poster boy' Bendtner liven up an English cup that nobody cares about

Nicklas Helenius achieved worldwide notoriety this week after he was "depantsed" in a League Cup match on Tuesday (Photo: Scanpix)

September 26, 2013

by Jeremy Cothran

Nicklas Helenius wanted to announce his arrival to English football. He just didn’t expect it would be because of his tighty whities. 

In an English League Cup match on Tuesday evening, the new Aston Villa striker had a clear path to scoring an equalising goal against Tottenham. But Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen resorted to a last-gasp tactic and grabbed for the first available piece of clothing.

This happened to be the Danish forward’s shorts, exposing Nicklas’s knickers to the entire world. Still not sure how Vertonghen evaded both a red card and giving a penalty to Villa, as Helenius had a sure-fire goal opportunity taken from him.  

Source: 101GreatGoals.com

Meanwhile, Nicklas Bendtner, a man who once deliberately displayed his underpants during a European Championship game to draw attention to a personal sponsor, had a low point of his own in Arsenal’s League Cup match on Wednesday.

In his first appearance for the Gunners this season, the Dane showed all the co-ordination of a newborn giraffe, clumsily colliding with a goal post after mistiming a header. The internet’s GIF-makers couldn’t get to their computers fast enough.

Source: Arsenalist.com

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