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Aarhus super mosque shelved following Sharia revelations

Sharia council revelations too much for city’s mayor

TV2 documentary series has uncovered some alarming trends at Danish mosques (photo: iStock)
March 7th, 2016 8:43 am| by Christian W

Aarhus Municipality has decided to halt plans for a super mosque after a TV2 documentary revealed that a Sharia council prohibited a Muslim woman in the city from divorcing her abusive husband and even denying him sex.

The council at the Fredens Moske in Aarhus informed the woman she would be in breach of Sharia law.

Aarhus mayor Jacob Bundsgaard explained that the series, ‘Moskeerne bag sløret’ (the mosques behind the veil), had led him to reconsider the massive super mosque project that the city had already approved.

“It’s always been an underlying prerequisite that only moderate powers would be exercised in the Muslim society,” Bundsgaard told DR Nyheder.

“But my trust in the project is gone with these revelations, and the natural consequence must be that the project is cancelled. It’s a shame for the vast majority of moderate Muslims, but it’s their responsibility to condemn those who don’t want to be integrated – like those who pressure a woman to go back to her abusive husband and to let him rape her.”

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Comeback next year?
Bundsgaard said that some of the group working towards a super mosque are part of the Fredens Moske.

However, while he super mosque has been shelved for the time being, it could make a return next year, according to those involved with the project at Aarhus Municipality.

Last week, about 20 leading imams in Denmark gathered for an emergency meeting to discuss how to best respond to accusations made in the documentary series, which exposes what goes on at Danish mosques behind closed doors.