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After a rainy weekend, temperatures set to drop below zero

Cold winds from the north may even bring snow and sleet showers

Remember your wellingtons and umbrellas, the weather will be gloomily cloudy and rainy (photo: iStock)
November 4th, 2016 2:49 pm| by Lucie Rychla

A low pressure system from the south will keep weekend temperatures in Denmark between 5-10 degrees for most of the upcoming weekend.

According to DMI, it will be mostly cloudy and rainy until Sunday evening when cold winds from Norway and Sweden will bring temperatures down to zero.

Strong to gale force winds will cause temperatures to feel extra cold, especially in northern Jutland.

“It will feel like minus five to minus ten degrees, even though the actual temperatures will be about 2-3 degrees,” said meteorologist Frank Nielsen.

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At the beginning of the next week, a low pressure area from the northwest will dominate country’s weather. On Tuesday night, temperatures will drop down to minus 5 degrees.

In some places, especially in the northern and northeastern coastal regions, there is a possibility of snow or sleet showers.