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AirBnb more popular than ever in Denmark

73 percent more Danish homes listed compared to last year

More people preferring to stay in private homes (photo: iStock)
July 7th, 2015 4:38 pm| by Christian W

More and more Danes are renting out their private homes via the online lodging portal AirBnb.

According to lifestyle expert Henrik Byager, the rapid increase is due to private homes offering a more individual experience than hotels.

“We want to take control of our own lives and skip the expensive middle man and we want unique experiences,” Byager told DR Nyheder.

“A hotel room usually has an anonymous and mass-produced feel to it. You’re just a customer. But when you’re in a private home, you get much more. You enter someone’s life.”

Compared to June last year, 73 percent more Danish homes have gone up on the AirBnb market. And in south Jutland, the figure has risen 93 percent.