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Almost a quarter of a million Danes owe money in unpaid car taxes

Problems with computer systems that can’t talk to one another have severely hampered efforts to claw back money owed

Maybe they should have upgraded a while back (photo: pxhere)
May 15th, 2019 4:44 pm| by Stephen Gadd

New figures from the Skattestyrelsen tax authority reveal that 230,000 car owners at present owe 750 million kroner in unpaid car taxes relating to a number of different areas: from green taxes to road tax.

Around 100,000 cars are driving around that should have had their number-plates removed, thus getting them off the roads.

The main culprit appears to be the computer systems used by the various authorities: they just can’t communicate with one another.

Commodore 64?
“There are some very old computer systems out there that need to communicate with systems at the vehicle authorities, tax authorities and debt collecting authorities, which then also need to talk to a system the police have that has caused us major problems,” Peter Thorgaard, the deputy head at Skattestyrelsen, told DR Nyheder.

Since the news broke in February of a lot of people driving around in cars that ought to be off the roads, the tax authority has started processing the paperwork manually to allow the police to act. The first warnings were sent to people in March and 1,000 registration numbers have been passed on to the police, but there is still a long way to go.

Robots to the rescue
The tax authority is in the process of building a robot system that will be able to automatically send registration numbers to the police.

“At the moment we’re primarily using manual resources, but we are building a fully automated system, so we expect to be able to scale up steadily,” said Thorgaard.

Around 130,000 cases are at present with the Gældsstyrelsen debt-collecting authority, and they are waiting for the new PSRM system to be implemented to enable automatic debt collection, among other things, by withholding people’s wages or impounding assets.

If all goes well, the system should be fully functional in 2021.

The different types of road taxes

Road tax is payable on all cars registered before 1 July 1997 or on vans registered before 18 March 2009. Vehicles registered after this date pay green taxes.

Green taxes are levied according to the vehicle’s fuel consumption (km per litre). They range between 130 and 16,000 kroner every six months.

Source: DR