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Alternativet suggests using small Danish islands as cannabis farms

MP: The legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use could be an agricultural opportunity for struggling communities

New law could lead to big changes on small islands (photo: iStock)
March 4th, 2016 2:12 pm| by Philip Tees

Denmark’s small islands are struggling for survival but could find a new lease of life as cannabis-farming communities should Parliament adopt a proposal to legalise cannabis for medicinal use, Alternativet MP Nicolaj Amstrup has told DR.

There is currently a slim parliamentary majority in favour of legalising medical cannabis.

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“If we pass a law about medicinal cannabis, then it would be smart if it supported a new agricultural opportunity, and the islands would be perfect for that,” Amstrup told DR Fyn.

“There is a lot of potential on the islands. It is our task to create a framework so that the people who live there can develop themselves and the islands even more.”

Another suggestion for the future of the small islands has been to sell them to investors to turn them into wellness centres, which has been roundly rejected by the Association of Danish Small Islands.

Amstrup is an MP for Alternativet, representing the Funen constituency, which includes nine small islands.