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AmCham wins decade-long battle with Transport Ministry over US driving licences

Americansan now take to Danish roads easier than ever

The Danish police now have one less reason to pull you over (photo: iStock)
December 18th, 2015 4:56 pm| by Shifa Rahaman

The American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark has just won a big victory  – and it’s one the group has been fighting nearly 10 years for.

The transport minister, Hans Christian Schmidt, announced today that Americans with driving licences can now simply exchange their old licences for new Danish ones – without having to take the Danish driving exam.

It is believed Australians and Canadians will also be able to benefit.

AmCham chief executive Stephen Brugger is incredibly pleased with the news, saying that it will make life for American expats in Denmark much easier.

“For expats and the companies that employ them, this will make a big difference, and much bigger than you might think,” he enthused.

“The problem with acquiring driving licences here has filled too much of the time of foreign experts and leaders who have come to the country to carry out specific functions at international companies, and it has made it extra difficult to adapt to life in a new country.”

Forgive and forget 
Though he believes it was “reprehensible” that AmCham had to wait so long to receive the result, he is willing to forgive and forget this Christmas.

“Of course it is reprehensible that we have had to wait so long for a solution – but since it is Christmas, we will focus on the positive and thank the minister of transport for the early Christmas present he has given to thousands of foreigners.”