An unbelievable 41 mm of rain forecast for Copenhagen tomorrow – The Post

An unbelievable 41 mm of rain forecast for Copenhagen tomorrow

Forget the bicycle, you’ll need a canoe to get into work tomorrow

Stinging in the rain tomorrow morning (photo: Tony Webster, Flickr)
June 11th, 2019 9:16 am| by Ben Hamilton

It’s raining and the commuters have got their wetsuits on – which isn’t an unfamiliar sight during the Danish summer.

We’ll have a sunny day later this week and some wag will post something about how that was it for the summer this year.

It will be the 1,289th time that joke has been cracked about Denmark since the birth of social media, but the post will still yield enough dopamine to win the Tour de France.

Wet Wednesday in store
Anyhow, if you thought the rain this morning was an inconvenience, wait until you see what Wednesday has in store.

For puddles, substitute lakes. For deluge, substitute the monsoon. For your bicycle, get a canoe!

Some 41 mm of rain is forecast to fall in Copenhagen tomorrow.

Tell the boss you’re be late!
However, it’s not a complete disaster as 35 mm of the forecast rain is expected to fall before 08:00.

So, tell the boss they can expect to see you at 9 tomorrow – particularly as 15 mm is expected to fall between 07:00 and 08:00.

Appreciate the beauty of nature from your breakfast table – even though you’ll still need a canoe to get into work.