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Another SFer flees as Ole Sohn joins Socialdemokraterne

The Socialistisk Folkeparti meltdown continues

Will it ever end? Another parliament member leaves SF (photo: Scanpix)

February 5, 2014

by Louise Vilster

The crisis in SF is apparently far from over. Yesterday, the former minister of business and growth, Ole Sohn, announced that he is also leaving the party and will be joining Socialdemokraterne.

Since Annette Vilhelmsen stepped down as SF's party leader last Thursday and the party pulled out of the government coalition, rumours about Sohn´s exit have been flourishing. But until yesterday he had publicly rejected the shift.

“The last couple of days I have thought about the situation and I have concluded that I cannot follow the new direction in which SF is heading,” he told DR Nyheder

Since last week, no fewer than three MPs have left the party. The former environment minister, Ida Auken, left the party for Radikale and the former health minister, Astrid Krag, left in favour of Socialdemokraterne.

In addition, SF deputy chairman Peter Westermann also announced that he is leaving SF – and his political career – after being diagnosed with stress. The mayor of Lejre, Mette Touborg, also an SF deputy chairman, previously stated that she will not seek another term as the party's number two. 

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