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Specialist criminals targeting expensive dentistry equipment  

The robbers seem to be foreign, states Rigspolitiet

Keep the equipment locked (photo: Pixabay)
August 8th, 2019 5:39 pm| by Arushi Rajput

So far in 2019 there have been 12 break-ins at dental surgeries in Denmark – most of them in South Denmark and North Zealand. The Rigspolitiet national police and the national dental association have confirmed the reports. 

The trend
The number of such burglaries continues to rise year by year – four in 2017, nine in 2019 and already 12 in 2019 (six alone in June) – according to Codan, which insures close to 80 percent of Danish dentists.

“This is a pretty big increase. We have sent letters to more than 1,000 clients urging them to look into the safety of their clinics,” Henrik Bundgaard, the claims director at Codan, told TV2.  

Going after expensive equipment
In all the cases, costly medical technology was reported stolen.

One break-in at a Køge surgery resulted in nearly a million kroner’s worth being stolen.

“They [the burglars] stole three expensive machines: a 3D scanner, a 3D cutter and a ceramic oven. Together, they cost about 800,000 kroner,” reported Marie Damsbo Grau, a dentist in Køge.

“The thieves primarily look for high-tech appliances that are relatively easy to steal: cutters, scanners and ovens,” added Henrik.

Not isolated robberies
Rigspolitiet, which is investigating the case, believes the burglars are professional and specialised. 

“The thieves focus on [3D] equipment from dental clinics and obviously have a plan,” Rigspolitiet deputy police inspector Henrik Anderson told TV2.

None of the stolen items have been traced to Denmark, signifying that they’re probably being sold outside the country. 

“I don’t think it’s local burglars doing this,” he added.