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Australia declines firefighting help from Denmark

Aussie ambassador MaryEllen Miller appreciates offer, but says her country is well equipped already

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January 10th, 2020 10:49 am| by Christian W

Danish firefighters will not be helping to fight the terrible fires wreaking havoc in Australia.

At least not at the moment.

The Danes have been in formal contact with the Australian government in regards to potentially dispatching around 50 Danish firefighters, but ultimately the Aussies have declined the offer.

“We’ve received a warm thanks for the offer, but sending Danish firefighters here and now won’t be an option. There is no desire from the Aussies at the moment,” said the defence minister, Trine Bramsen.

“I’m happy that Denmark has offered assistance, and it is an offer than stands.”

A Danish contribution could become a reality sometime later this spring.

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Warmest thanks
The minister also praised the many Danish volunteer firefighters who have offered their help on Facebook, such as via the page ‘Brandmand i australien DK’.

Australia’s ambassador to Denmark, MaryEllen Miller,  was also moved.

“During these terrible times, we have seen Australia at its best through our amazing firefighters and the outpouring of support to all those affected,” said Miller.

“Our warmest thanks go out to all of Denmark for your thoughts and support.”

Anyone wanting to donate to local communities or organisations tackling the fires should use the links below.

Where to donate:

In Denmark:
Dansk Røde Kors –

In Australia:
Australian Red Cross –
The Salvation Army –
NSW Rural Fire Service –
Country Fire Association of Victoria – (
South Australia Country Fire Service – (
Wires (dyreliv) –
St Vincent de Paul Bushfire Appeal –