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Basketball catching on in Denmark

Danes are learning to love the sound of squeaky trainers on a hardwood floor

Locals jumping through more hoops that they should have to (photo: kjschroeder)
November 9th, 2016 1:53 pm| by Ray W

Superliga football in Denmark is experiencing its worst attendance figures for 15 years, and meanwhile, the number of Danes headed to local courts to watch a basketball game is increasing.

It would appear that the players from Horsens IC – the defending Danish champions – are not the only ones taking free throws in front of larger crowds. The Danish league, Basketligaen, has seen an increase in spectator numbers of 50 percent over the past three seasons.

Financial incentive
“The greater the support, the more fun it is,” said Christian Lindberg, the head of Horsens IC.

The eight teams competing in Basketligaen have put pressure on themselves to produce large audiences by introducing a penalty system. If a team does not draw enough spectators, they can be fined up to 15,000 kroner.

“When there is an economic incentive, then it’s one of the things you focus on,” said Dennis Nielsen, the sports manager at Horsens IC.

“I think it has helped to push us in the right direction.”