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Before you travel, check your blue health card’s expiry date

Summer holidays are around the corner and the whole world beckons, but remember to make sure you are covered in case of sickness abroad

Check the expiry date unless you want a red card when you try to use it abroad (photo: Antoine Fleury-Gobert)
June 19th, 2019 1:38 pm| by Stephen Gadd

Back in 2014, over 2 million Danes ordered a blue health insurance card because the yellow health insurance card was no longer valid outside Scandinavia.

However, according to Udbetaling Danmark some 1.5 million people will lose their insurance cover after 31 December 2019 unless they renew their blue card, reports TV2 Nyheder.

Furthermore, some have already lost their coverage because their cards have expired.

Backup also a good idea
A valid blue card gives you the same rights to dental, medical and hospital treatment within the 28 EU countries (plus Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland) as the inhabitants of those countries. That means that if the people living in a country have to pay for certain forms of treatment, so will you.

As the blue card only gives access to public health systems, it is worth considering whether to take out travel insurance as a back-up. The blue card does not pay for transport home in cases of sickness or death.