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Big events to impact Copenhagen traffic this weekend

Several key roads to be closed off due to CPH Pride and IronMan

Loads going on this weekend in Copenhagen (photo: CPHPride/KMD IronMan)
August 16th, 2019 2:30 pm| by Christian W

If you’re considering travelling through Copenhagen this weekend, you might want to read on a little further. It looks like it might get a little messy out there, traffic-wise that is, with two big events being held in the Danish capital.

LGBT supporters will be out in force on Saturday for the annual CPH Pride parade, while crowds will gather to cheer on the IronMan competitors the following day. Streets will be cordoned off for both events, although the IronMan will have the biggest impact.

“Walking in the streets, running in the streets, cycling in the streets, dancing in the streets … all kids of parties will hit the streets of Copenhagen this weekend during the CPH Pride parade on Saturday and the KMP IronMan race on Sunday,” wrote Copenhagen Municipality on Facebook.

“It will considerably affect the traffic, so calculate extra time or find an alternative route if you’re going through the city.”

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Plan in advance
As the map indicates below, the CPH Pride parade will mean several streets in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg will be closed off – including Allegade, Frederiksberg Alle, Vestervoldgade and parts of Vesterbrogade. The route is 3.3 km long and will start at 13:00 at Frederiksberg Town Hall.

Read more about the CPH Pride festivities here (in English).

The IronMan route is significantly more comprehensive, and stretches all the way from Humlebæk in the north of Zealand down to the city centre and into Amager.

Zooming in on the map in this link, you can see exactly which roads will be off limits. The red routes indicates the roads that are closed off for traffic, while the blue routes are roads being used by athletes, but where vehicles can drive in the lane not being used by athletes – with a high risk of queuing.

The green route is open for traffic in both directions and the purple route denotes where you can cross the IronMan route using other roads.

Parts of key veins in the Copenhagen area completely cordoned off for traffic includes several roads near the waterfront, including Amaliegade, Toldbodgade and Esplanaden. Other critical links include Østbanegade and Strandvænget in Østerbro and Tranegårdsvej in Hellerup.