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‘Bridging’ the gaps between Romania and Denmark

‘Resident in Denmark: rights, obligations, integration’ aims to help the nation integrate into society

Romanian ambassador Alexandru Gradinar (left) is a tireless supporter of Romanian culture events, including this recent exhibition of the works of photographer Sorin Onișor (right), to further the integration of his people into Danish society (photo: Hasse Ferrold)
June 11th, 2019 1:41 pm| by Ruchi Pujari

The non-governmental, non-profitable organisation Kulturel Forbindelse together with the Romanian Embassy in Denmark have announced the implementation of a new project, ‘Resident in Denmark: rights, obligations, integration’.

Integrating the Romanian community into Danish society
The project will aim to bridge the gaps and integrate the Romanian community into Danish society. According to one of the project managers, Laura Dachin, “there are too many Romanians who do not know their duties and rights” in Denmark.

“We found out that there is little knowledge among the Danish people and companies about who the Romanians are and what they can really contribute to society,” she added.

This project is therefore organised to help Romanian people understand the Danish culture and principles that will help them integrate better into society. It will also help Danish society improve their perception of the Romanian community.

Main activities and end goal
The main activities of the project will include a series of seminars and round-table meetings in the Midtjylland region – specifically in the cities of Aarhus, Silkeborg and Faarvang between June 15 and 30.

The project kicks off on Wednesday June 12 at 13:00 with a press conference in Aarhus, where the Romanian ambassador Alexandru Gradinar will be present.


Resident in Denmark: rights, obligations, integration

The project will aim to promote the problems, needs, and interests of the Romanian community. It will also encourage a dialogue between the Romanian community living in Denmark and the Danish authorities to advocate Romanian values and implement the integration program.

The project will boost the development of concrete projects, thus supporting the integration process and assisting the community in sustaining a better life in the Danish society.

The project is organised by the Kulturel Forbindelse International and the Romanian Embassy in Denmark, and is co-financed by Ministry for Romanians from Everywhere.

The press conference will be held at JobVærkstedet (Hermodsvej 5A, 1st floor, 8230 Åbyhøj)