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Broad majority forming for new climate law

Opposition party Venstre keen to be part of negotiations

There’s a slippery road ahead (photo: Pixabay)
November 1st, 2019 9:16 am| by Christian W

When negotiations for a new climate law commence today, the government will have plenty of options when it comes to forming a majority.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, the new head of key opposition party Venstre, proclaimed that his party is prepared to sit at the negotiation table in a bid to help the government reach a broad political accord.

“This is something that can potentially be so intrusive and comprehensive for all of our society that there needs to be a broad majority behind it. It won’t do just going it alone in a Red or Blue Bloc,” Ellemann-Jensen told Politiken newspaper.

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Not at any cost
Ellemann-Jensen said he was prepared, under certain conditions, to support the government’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

But he would prefer doing so, not by exporting heavy CO2 emitters abroad, but rather by making them greener. In short, emission reductions mustn’t jeopardise welfare, growth and jobs.

PM Mette Frederiksen doesn’t require Venstre support to find a majority, as she can muster that support strictly from fellow Red Bloc parties, Socialistisk Folkeparti, Enhedslisten and Radikale.