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Brussels reopens Copenhagen route in terror aftermath

Brussels Airlines is the only airline currently operating out of Zaventem Airport

There are still a lot of empty seats at Zaventem Airport in Brussels (photo: iStock)
April 4th, 2016 10:44 am| by Christian W

The Brussels Airlines route between Copenhagen and Zaventem Airport in Brussels is expected to reopen tomorrow following the terror attack that struck the airport and the Belgian capital two weeks ago.

The route is expected to reopen in a limited capacity: just two flights instead of its usual four from Brussels to Copenhagen and just one flight to Brussels from the Danish capital.

From Wednesday the route is scheduled to be expanded further to include three return services.

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Up in the air
The airline’s 2-3 daily flights to Billund will continue to be postponed until at least Wednesday, when two flights are available for booking.

Aside from Brussels Airlines, no other airlines have been permitted to reopen routes to and from Zaventem Airport.

SAS has cancelled all of its flights to the airport until Wednesday, and it is unknown when the Belgian airport will return to a full service.