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Budding Danish networking app goes live on Kickstarter … again

IUSO team hoping to raise 150,000 kroner over the next month

Helping people get connected (photo: IUSO)
February 2nd, 2017 10:10 am| by Christian W

The IUSO app, which connects people through sports, children playdates and other social events and could become an invaluable tool for helping internationals acclimatise to Denmark, has once again gone live on Kickstarter, following a slight launch hiccup earlier in January.

In an effort to raise funds for further development, the team behind IUSO (I-U-Social) are taking to the crowdfunding platform over the next 30 days, aiming to raise 149,000 kroner.

According to Christoffer Tybjerg, one of the co-founders of the app, IUSO already has around 800 people ready to back the project, while upwards of 900 people said they would find the app useful in a street survey.

“I got the idea because I’ve been in situations myself in which I was looking for people to connect with, and if you don’t know people, they can be reserved – such as in Denmark,” Tybjerg told CPH POST.

“But what we want to do is make this platform available for everyone across the world, and so far the reactions we’ve seen are that it’s something people need and see themselves using. From cooking to sports and culture, we want to make it available for everyone.”

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Pursuing pledges
IUSO has already attracted a million kroner or so in investment from the startup community in Denmark, and the app has also garnered interest among prospective investors in Dubai, according to Tybjerg.

Those looking to pledge funds to the app have a number of options at their disposal, which yield different gifts (t-shirts, hoodies, personalised 3D avatars etc) depending on how much they decide to pledge (ranging from 10 kroner to above 400 kroner).

Aside from connecting people, the app will contain a game function that allows users to collect points for real world and virtual gifts. It also has a business concept for prospective advertisers.

Check out the video about IUSO below.