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All railroads lead to Copenhagen after Fehmarn, concede Swedes

But Denmark might need to make a few concessions of its own first, warn neighbour’s national state operators

The Fehmarn Belt link will join south Zealand to Germany (photo: Bowzer)
August 5th, 2019 4:58 pm| by Ester Rose

In the same way that Copenhagen has become a hub for air traffic between Scandinavian countries, Sweden’s two national rail companies predict that the same thing will happen to train travel following the expected opening of the Fehmarn link between Denmark and Germany in a decade’s time.

Concessions at a debate
The national railway companies’ managers, Ted Söderholm from Green Cargo and SJ’s Crister Fritzon, made the admission recently at a debate at Øresund House, reports News Øresund.

The pair specified that heavy Swedish rail traffic would start shifting south when the Danish-German road and rail link is ready for use – in 2028, according to recent predictions.

However, Fritzon contended this will require Denmark to open its borders in precisely the same way Sweden has.

Making moves
Last year, Green Cargo started adapting all of its X2000 freight trains to comply with Danish requirements and applied to receive permits to operate in Denmark.

SJ already has a number of its trains running between Stockholm and Copenhagen, and also from Gothenburg during the summer months.

Fritzon envisages SJ will open up routes to Odense and Aarhus in the near future, and then to Hamburg and Berlin once the Fehmarn link is established.

But he warned the Danish government will need to open its railway up for competition from other contractors in the same way that Sweden has.