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Bueno! This coffee break brainwave is grounds to start a company

Kaffe Bueno, a Copenhagen-based biotechnology startup, recycles your leftover coffee grounds to produce a plethora of nutritious ingredients and even cosmetics

All sorts of goodies in the grounds (all photos: Kaffe Bueno)
June 6th, 2019 4:47 pm| by Arushi Rajput

When you brew a cup of coffee, you use less than 1 percent of the total nutritious value that the beverage has to offer, claims the Danish-based startup Kaffe Bueno.

The other 99 percent ends up as waste and being thrown away – often in landfills where it emits the greenhouse gas methane.  

From coffee to cosmetics
The Copenhagen-based biotech startup Kaffe Bueno plans to make us rethink what we do with our used coffee grounds in a bid to be kind to the environment.

It recycles grounds accumulated from selected hotels and offices around Copenhagen and then extracts an oil, Kaffe Bueno Oil®, which is then used to make beauty products used in anti-ageing, wound-healing, moisturising and UV ray protection treatments.

Coffee grounds your new source of protein
The remaining coffee grounds are then gathered to form a gluten-free flour, which Kaffe Bueno promises is packed with protein, potassium and fibres. 

Kaffe Bueno explains that the nutrients found in the flour can also aid in weight management diets as the flour contains insoluble fibres and boost one’s immunity.

Future prospects
Founded by Colombian residents Alejandro Franco, Juan Media and Camilo Fernandez, Kaffe Bueno was named Startup of The Year in 2018. It is also on the Top 500 DeepTech Startup list published by Hello Tomorrow.

“We’re continuously researching and developing new products derived from molecules within spent coffee grounds,” revealed Franco. 

“Currently we’re working on six more products that will target cardiovascular diseases, and next year we will establish Scandinavia’s first coffee bio-refinery, where coffee’s health potential will be fully unlocked.” 

The company, which has already introduced its coffee-produced oil across the EU, intends to launch its Kaffe Bueno Flour ® onto the Danish market in the second half of 2019.