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Business Round-Up: AmCham’s amour for Amgen

The Crown Prince Couple ensured that it was a AmChampagne moment (photo: AmCham)
October 30th, 2019 11:13 am| by Roselyne Min

The US biopharmaceutical company Amgen has been named ‘Foreign Company of the Year’ by the American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark.

According to the jury, Amgen has been mainly recognised for the acquisition of Novo Nordisk Device Engineering and Nuevolution, as well as its collaboration with Danish public institutions such as the University of Aarhus, which has been credited with accelerating the Danish biotechnology sector and enabling more accessible innovation for Danish patients and society.

The country director of Amgen, Tore von Würden proudly said: “Having invested more than 1.3 billion kroner in Danish innovation, research and development, Denmark is now a key pillar in Amgen’s core strategy to address the challenges we see in biotech.”

Foreign companies count in Danish industry
According to AmCham Denmark, foreign companies investing in Denmark comprise only 1.2 percent of the private sector companies, but generate more than 20 percent of the jobs.

According to Stephen Brugger, the AmCham executive director, the award is intended to encourage foreign companies to invest in Denmark to make a positive impact.

“Foreign companies hold the key to future growth in the economy, and when they choose to invest in Denmark, it creates jobs, growth and innovation,” said Brugger.

“Therefore, it is a privilege for AmCham to help foreign companies tell their success stories.”

This year’s other finalists included Bayer, Dell, MSD and Philips.

NASA helps Danish duvet-manufacturer
Quilts of Denmark is producing the world’s most innovative sleep products aerospace technology from NASA. After researching the best conditions for optimal sleep for several years, founders Hans Erik Schmidt and Søren Løgstrup have discovered a duvet that can cool down to maintain certain temperatures. The founders reached out to NASA to acquire their body-temperature control technology. Schmidt highlights that an elaborate co-operation model and patience are critical if companies wish to collaborate with NASA as it receives a lot of inquiries.

Nordea to announce redundancies
Nordea has announced at the stock exchange that it will cut costs by 5.1-6.0 billion kroner by 2022. The bank’s CFO, Chris Rees, explained to the investors and analysts that the bank will cut the number of employees to meet the goal. Additionally, about 20 percent of the bank’s employees will be relocated to Poland. According to BT, Nordea currently has 29,500 employees.

Ørsted plans a lay-off as well
The largest energy company in Denmark, Ørsted, has confirmed imminent lay-offs, announcing aims to save 500-600 million a year until 2022. Half of these savings will be made by laying off some employees. As for the other half, Ørsted has simplified the company’s structure by carrying out its divestments. The company has recently changed a lot of factors in the prediction-model of the wind farms, which lessens the figures of the company’s long-term expectations.

Denmark’s best shopping centre
Rødovre Centrum has been recognised as Denmark’s best shopping centre and honoured for running the best marketing campaign by the NCSC Awards. NCSC says the award is given to a shopping centre that can be a role model for the entire industry. This is the mall’s third crown as Denmark’s best shopping centre.

Arla uses manure to deliver milk sustainably
Arla is experimenting with a new environment-friendly logistics strategy where trucks are driving on 100 percent green energy – manure of the cows.  Arla expects that this will reduce CO2 emissions by 53 percent. According to the country director for Arla Denmark, Jakob Knudsen, the company has about 200 trucks in Denmark to distribute milk to about 2,600 retail-stores every day. With the amount of biogas a single cow usually produces, a truck can drive 875 kilometres. The biogas can significantly reduce noise as well – by 3-4 decibels, which is nearly half of what regular diesel trucks generate.

Arla to launch a new cheese-production facility in Bahrain
On the other side of the world, Arla Foods has inaugurated a cheese production facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Arla explains this will enable them to meet growing demands for dairy products in the Middle East and North Africa. The company is investing 50 million euros in the facility in the next two to three years, which, Arla expects, will raise the annual production to more than 100,000 tonnes and create over a 100 new jobs by 2025.