Carlsberg unveils world’s most CO2-neutral bar … probably – The Post

Carlsberg unveils world’s most CO2-neutral bar … probably

Kegs cooled by wind power and, naturally, bicycle pedal power

Greener than most … Grøn Tuborg included (photo: Carlsberg)
August 25th, 2017 11:47 am| by Christian W

In connection with its upcoming 170-year celebrations this weekend, the Danish brewery giant Carlsberg has built a CO2-neutral bar at its headquarters at Gamle Carlsberg Vej in Valby.

The bar is driven by an integrated wind turbine, and thanks to a typically Danish gimmick a bicycle has been attached that guests can use to generate electricity to cool the beer when the wind isn’t blowing.

“We want to use our 170th anniversary to celebrate the past and toast the future. Carlsberg has brewed for a better day today and tomorrow since 1847, and we feel that a CO2-neutral wind turbine bar is a fine way to celebrate this,” said Cees ‘t Hart, the CEO of Carlsberg.

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TTZero strategy
The bar is an instance of Carlsberg’s sustainability program, ‘Together Towards ZERO’, a four-pronged strategy aimed at, among other things, reducing carbon emissions by 2022 and having completely carbon-neutral breweries by 2030.

It’s also not the first time that Carlsberg has embraced the bicycle to peddle its wares. Earlier this year, the company released an ad in the UK starring Mads Mikkelsen whizzing through Copenhagen on a bicycle.

Consumers will be able to enjoy the sustainable bar during this week’s celebrations – which culminate with a massive street party on Saturday. You can also check it out in the video below.