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Chinese Chamber of Commerce to officially launch today

Ambassador Deng Ying (centre) will be in attendance at the launch
May 8th, 2018 10:10 am| by Dave Smith

Britain has one, and so do the United States, India, France, Germany and even Lithuania. And now you can add China to that list!

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCCD) in Denmark will officially be launched this afternoon by its 16 founder members (see list below) – Chinese enterprises that have between them invested a total of 2 billion kroner in Denmark, creating over 1,000 jobs in the process.

It is non-profit, non-governmental and, according to its press release, the “only officially recognised” Chinese chamber. Among its competitors is the Danish-Chinese Business Forum.

Boost to exports
“The mission is to assist Chinese companies in achieving success by providing the members with business support, policy advice, information sharing, member networking and other membership services,” explained CCCD chairman Steve Wang, the CEO of Mille Food.

Wang is confident the CCCD will create job opportunities and tax revenue in Denmark, while boosting exports to China – particularly “premium products and advanced ideas and technology to meet the demand of the Chinese market for high-end products”.

A bridge for all matters
Additionally, the CCCD will serve as a bridge for enterprises, governments and other relevant social institutions, and it will ensure its members are actively engaged in Danish social and cultural life.

Among those in attendance will be Troels Lund Poulsen, the minister for employment, and Chinese ambassador Deng Ying, along with 100 other guests.




CCCD founder members

Bank of China (Luxembourg) SA

Huawei Technologies (Denmark)

COSCO shipping Lines (Denmark)

Air China Ltd Denmark

Mille Food

BGI Europe

China Telecommunications Corporation Denmark

CRRC wind Power (Shandong) Co., Ltd Denmark

Goertek Europe (Dynaudo)

China Classification Society CPH

Envision Energy (Denmark)

Fansun Denmark R&D Center

Denmark CRRC Tangshan Locomotive& Rolling Stock service

Accelink Denmark

Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center

Mingyang Wind Power EU R&D Center


For more information about today’s reception (13:30-16:00),
contact Heidi Wang on 3054 0414