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Competitive market hurting TDC

Company still losing customers to competitors

October 31st, 2014 2:26 pm| by admin

Berlingske Business reports that the telecommunications giant TDC is still suffering from the high level of competition in the mobile market.

Turnover fell by 4.8 percent to 5,643 million kroner over its third quarter, and its operating profit took a hit of 3.1 percent to 2,512 million kroner compared to the same period last year.

The company again lost customers in droves, but there were slightly fewer departures than in recent years. Some 10,000 mobile customers, 46,000 landlines, 1,000 TV users and 1,000 broadband subscribers said farewell in the third quarter – bringing the total customer loss to 223,000 this year.

Contining challenge
Carsten Dilling, the head of TDC, said that despite the losses in the private market, there was progress in terms of corporate customers. “On the mobile market we lost 23,000 private customers in the third quarter, while we got 13,000 new corporate customers in the same period,” he said.

“It must be said that we continue to be challenged in the private market, but it is positive that we have managed to reduce the exits compared to the first two quarters.”

Meanwhile, TDC’s competitors have all reported improved results. Telia’s operating profit was up 11 percent. It lost 3,000 mobile customers and 3,000 landline customers, but acquired 4,000 more broadband users.

‘3’ posted a pre-tax profit increase of 11.7 percent, having gained an additional 12,000 new customers, many of whom presumably came from TDC. Telenor also seems to have feasted on the spoils of TDC’s customer loss – it has gained 41,000 mobile customers from July to September.