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Copenhagen Airport ranked among best in the world

Nordic flight hub named fifth best based on eight airport-related parameters

The Carlsberg Aviator Lounge likely adds a few bonus points (photo: CPH Airport)
September 2nd, 2019 7:32 pm| by Christian W

Executives at Copenhagen Airport are most likely popping some serious champagne corks these days thanks to the airport being on a serious roll over the last few days.

Late last month, the airport was ranked number six in Europe for passenger-friendliness by Consumer Choice Center, and today it has been ranked among the best airports in the world by luggage storage provider Stasher.

Copenhagen finished fifth overall in the rankings behind leaders Moscow Sheremetyevo, London Heathrow, Piarco (Trinidad & Tobago) and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

“Our new study has produced some fascinating and unexpected results. It seems location alone isn’t a deciding factor for how good or bad an airport is, as both the top and bottom ten lists cover all four corners of the globe,” said Stasher co-founder Anthony Collias.

“Many travellers are in ‘holiday mode’ as soon as they arrive at the airport, so it’s positive to see many are highly rated when it comes to the passenger experience, while others have a lot of room for improvement – particularly increasing food quality, expanding the number of shops, reducing delays and capping parking costs.”

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Terrible in Tenerife
The ranking is based on the eight airport-related factors: Google reviews, Quality of restaurants & food, Access to shops, Number of lounges, Likelihood of delayed flight, Airport Hotel Quality, Distance to City Centre and Cost of car parking.

Copenhagen Airport scored in the top 50 for all of the eight categories except for Likelihood of delayed flight, where it came in at 61st.

Jose Maria Cordova (Colombia), Adelaide, Calgary, El Dorado (Colombia) and Hamad (Qatar) completed the top 10 , while at the more undesirable end Tenerife South finished last, preceded by London Stansted, Berlin Tegel, Hangzhou Xiaoshan (China) and John F Kennedy (New York).

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