CPH Airport eyeing baggage area expansion

Another 500 sqm due to be ready by the summer of 2018

A belter of a plan (photo: CPH Airport)
August 26th, 2016 2:58 pm| by Christian W

Copenhagen Airport is looking to considerably expand its passenger capacity over the next few years, and to accommodate that move, it also intends to increase its baggage area.

The airport has announced it intends to shell out 100 million kroner for a baggage area expansion that is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018.

“In recent years, we have seen quite significant growth in passenger numbers; in the first seven months of this year alone, the growth rate was in fact 10.7 percent,” said Kristian Durhuus, the COO of Copenhagen Airport.

“Although far more passengers today travel with only carry-on baggage, the overall volume of checked baggage has also grown somewhat. We have therefore started planning for an expansion of the baggage reclaim area.”

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Targeting 40 million
Today, the baggage area consists of about 2,500 sqm, but in the future an extra 500 square metres will be added and two of the eight current baggage carousels will be increased in length.

The space will be acquired by incorporating adjacent rooms that have functioned as office space.

Last year almost 27 million passengers passed through Copenhagen Airport – a figure that the airport is aiming to increase over time to 40 million.

Facts about baggage at CPH Airport:

– On peak days, there are more than 60,000 pieces of inbound and outbound baggage at Copenhagen Airport.

– Passengers’ perceived wait time for bags is an average 8.6 minutes

– Inbound baggage is picked up at the aircraft by the ground-handling companies working for the airline, which transport it to the baggage area. The bags are loaded onto short conveyor belts and transported to the baggage reclaim area, where passengers pick up their bags.

– In 2013, the facilities for outbound baggage were expanded substantially to include more conveyor belts, updated software and new x-ray machines, bringing the capacity to more than 30 million passengers per year.

– A large part of the facilities are redundant, thus ensuring that any operational disruptions will have the least possible effect.

– 26.6 million passengers travelled through Copenhagen Airport in 2015 to one of the 156 non-stop routes.

– The airport is expanding in step with the increase in the number of flights and passengers. The goal is to build an airport with a capacity for 40 million passengers per year.