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Danish aviation sets plan for a greener future in the skies

Passengers will have to pay a fee for leaving a Danish airport

Denmark’s airports have banded together for a greener future (photo: Copenhagen Airport)
October 7th, 2019 11:44 am| by Christian W

The Danish aviation industry has unveiled a new green transition strategy that involves a new climate fund contributing upwards of 300 million kroner annually to initiatives aimed at cleaning up the sector.

The funding will partially be financed by forcing passengers departing from Danish airports to pay a small fee.

“The sector has set some goals to do something effective in regards to the climate and reducing CO2 emissions,” said Thomas Woldbye, the head of Copenhagen Airport.

“Now we are putting action behind words with our proposal involving setting up a climate fund. For Copenhagen Airport, it is natural for us to actively engage in joint efforts to galvanise the industry through this initiative.”

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SAS on board, politicians too … sort of
The specifics of the climate fund proposal will be conveyed in a new partnership that the Danish aviation sector has delivered in a letter to the Transport and Climate Ministries.

Scandinavian airline SAS has proposed to chip in 20-30 kroner per ticket – a bill it will pass on to its customers.

Meanwhile, government ally parties Radikale and Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF) have reacted positively to the news, but called for the aviation sector to show more ambition.

SF, for instance, wants the extra ticket fee to be kicked up to 60-400 kroner.