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Danish companies embracing globalisation like never before

Five-sixths applaud trade conditions that create access to new markets and overseas opportunities

A view that fills most Danes with optimism (photo: iStock)
February 6th, 2017 11:56 am| by Ben Hamilton

It doesn’t matter how many tentacles of globalisation the likes of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen cut off, new ones will grow in their place, and nowhere is there more optimism regarding continued international trade than in Denmark.

Following on from last year’s Eurobarometer survey that showed that Danes are the most pro-globalisation population in the EU, a new study by the confederation of Danish industry, Dansk Industri (DI), reveals that 84 percent of the country’s companies embrace it too.

It’s a good thing
Over five-sixths of the 451 participating companies agreed that “it’s a good thing that Denmark is involved in the global economy because it creates access to new markets and opportunities for Danish companies”, with only 2 percent believing it is a “bad thing”.

Some 82 percent wholly or partially agreed that “overall, Danish companies will benefit from globalisation” – a sentiment that none of the companies completely disagreed with.

Secure in their jobs
Indeed, the figures reveal that companies endorse globalisation more than the people. A DI study last year found that 58 percent approved of globalisation, 13 percent were against it, and the remainder didn’t have an opinion.

What was clearer in their minds was the security of their jobs, with 89 percent ‘not at all’ or ‘only slightly’ afraid of losing theirs.

Danish exports factfile

– Danish exports are responsible for 735,000 of the nation’s jobs

– Close to half of nation’s products and services created in Denmark are sold abroad

– In 2016, Danish exports had a total value of over one trillion kroner

– Denmark is one of the world’s leading per capita beneficiaries from globalisation, according to a survey by  the Bertelsmann Foundation last autumn

source: Dansk Industri