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Danish Crown reported for hygiene violations

Third time in last four months that the company’s Ringsted slaughterhouse has been found in violation

They may come with a little unexpected extra (photo: Thogru )
July 7th, 2016 4:30 pm| by Ray W

The Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Ringsted has once again been reported for poor hygiene practices. Food watchdog Fødevarestyrelsens  has  reported the location to the police three times in the last four months for serious violations related to its food-handling practices.

At least five times last year, faecal matter was discovered on slaughtered pig carcasses that were supposedly ready for use or shipment.

Promises broken
Those incidents resulted in fines, police reports and action plans designed to prevent such occurrences – apparently to no avail.

Danish Crown spokesperson Jens Hansen said that the company has located the source of the problem.