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Danish firm hands out 65,000 kroner Xmas bonus to employees

Company has shelled out 10 percent of its annual profit to mark their big anniversary

For many of the employees, it was the best Xmas present since they got that Scalextric set in the 1970s (photo: Trogain)
December 6th, 2017 10:55 am| by Ben Hamilton

At some companies you’re lucky if you get a bottle of red wine for your Christmas present – and that’s despite some pretty generous tax breaks for employers.

Magasin vouchers, either for 500 or 1,000 kroner, are a popular choice, but there are a select few who go out to make their employees extra happy … and some of them even live to see another Christmas.

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I’ll see you Lego and IKEA, and raise you
Lego gave its employees a month’s salary as their Christmas present in 2015. And then a year later, IKEA agreed to pay a bonus worth up to 130 percent of their monthly salary.

And now in 2017, Interdan Holding – a car importer and distributor based in Hellerup that also dabbles in property investment – is raising the ante again.

It has confirmed it is giving its 300 permanent employees a Christmas bonus of 65,000 kroner to mark its 65th anniversary – a gift that is the equivalent of 10 percent of its annual profit.

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Founder would have been proud
The chief executive, Maria Bruun, who is a fourth generation descendant of the founder KW Bruun, thanked her employees for the role they have played in the company’s success.

She praised a recent “positive development”, which resulted in a post-tax profit of 206 million kroner last year, and noted that the employees were “extremely positive” about the bonus.

The gift echoes the words of KW Bruun, who always maintained: “Money must never be the goal. Only the means.”