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Danish publishing giant outsourcing parts of production to Vietnam

Euroman magazine editor-in-chief resigns over 13 Danish job losses

Egmont is behind some of Denmark’s most popular publications (photo: Egmont.com)
August 18th, 2015 1:40 pm| by Philip Tees

Egmont Publishing, the print-publishing arm of Denmark’s biggest media group and the company behind some of the country’s most popular magazines, is outsourcing its layout department to Vietnam as a cost-cutting measure.

The layout tasks relating to 11 magazines and four weekly newspapers will be moved from Denmark to the company Minh Graphic. This will result in 13 Danish job losses. Minh Graphic is based in Vietnam but owned by the Danish companies Buchs and Envision.

Klaus Høeg-Hagensen, the company’s CEO, explained the move with reference to difficult market conditions.

“We have chosen to act in very good time so we can ensure our publications’ high quality in the future,” he said.

“The market, as we all know, is under pressure and we don’t want to compromise the good content that Egmont is known for. But we should adjust our production so that it makes sense.”

Protest resignation
Kasper Steenbach, the editor-in-chief of Euroman, one of Egmont’s flagship publications, has resigned because of the decision.

“I’ve been extremely happy during my time at Euroman, where I’ve worked together with the most talented people in the magazine business,” he said.

“But because I don’t agree with the strategy Egmont Publishing has mapped out for the future, I have chosen to stop now.”