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Danish watchmaker capitalising on early success

Nordgreen is once again turning to crowdfunding for that winning recipe

The formidable trio are back for round two! (photo: Nordgreen)
May 20th, 2019 11:28 am| by Christian W

It’s difficult to argue against it being a scintillating couple of years for Danish watch designers Nordgreen.

The firm burst on to the scene in early 2018, embracing crowdfunding to peddle its watches – underpinned by sustainability and affordability – and buoyed the delicate touch of noted Danish designer Jakob Wagner.

The immensely successful Kickstarter campaign helped talented co-founders Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt to the forefront of Danish watchmaking – as well as landing them on Forbes’ prestigious 30 under 30 list for Europe.

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Back on the attack
Now the dynamic duo are back for round two as Nordgreen sets its sights on its next collection of watches. And it’s already looking like a knockout!

Since launching on Kickstarter earlier this month (read more here), Nordgreen’s new ‘Pioneer’ and ‘Remodeled Native’ models have already attracted immense interest.

The campaign has netted over 1.275 million kroner in pledges out of a set goal of about 100,000 kroner, and there are still 31 days of crowdfunding to go.

“We’ve had a fantastic start to the campaign. We managed to raise more than 1,000,000 kroner through +1,000 backers within the first week. It’s great to know that customers from all over the planet are excited about the new product designs,” Brandt told CPH POST.

“Considering that our first Kickstarter campaign was quite successful, we were a bit more comfortable this time. However, we did not expect we would have more than 1,000 backers within the first week – that was a big surprise to us.”

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Busy times ahead
But despite the success, Nordgreen won’t be resting on its laurels any time soon. There’s a mountain of work to be done – particularly given the logistical and operational efforts required to fill out all of the new orders.

Another reason for the watchmaker to keep on its toes is due to a vision that includes becoming the most recognised watch brand within its category on a global scale.

“This means our focus must extend beyond Danish borders. Hence, although the Danish market is very important to us, we also put a lot of effort into other European and Asian markets, as well as the US. The vast majority of our Kickstarter backers are, for instance, from the US,” said Brandt.

As is the case usually, Nordgreen’s crowdfunding campaign includes a number of pledge options, ranging from 700 kroner for ‘The Native’ and an extra strap, to the more comprehensive 2,800 kroner pledge that includes three ‘The Pioneer’ watches and three extra straps. Two of the other pledge options are already sold out.

Check out the video below to learn more about the 2019 Nordgreen Kickstarter campaign.