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Danske Bank to prevent ATM thefts with DNA spray

A container with unique DNA liquid will spray out whenever someone forcefully tries to steal money from an ATM

To prevent ATM thefts, Danske Bank will start using a DNA-tagging system that links criminals to a specific machine they stole money from (photo: Jimmy Baikovicius)
January 26th, 2016 5:28 pm| by Lucie Rychla

Danske Bank is going to use a DNA-based technology to prevent ATM thefts, reports TV2.

The bank’s ATMs will be equipped with a spray container that activates whenever someone tries to forcefully steal money from it and covers the offender and his clothes with a DNA liquid that can help the police with later identification.

Each ATM will have its own unique DNA code that can be used to mark and track criminals who steal money from a specific cash machine and provide better evidence to secure a conviction.

Danske Bank will use a product called SelectaDNA made by UniSecure, which supposedly reduces the risk of theft and burglaries by 85 percent and has been used by Dansk Supermarked and 7-Eleven.