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Denmark aiming to become global leader in clean-air tech

Government teaming up with big players in bid to double exports

Esben Lunde Larsen kicking on with the strategy today (photo: Food & Environment Ministry)
January 19th, 2018 11:57 am| by Christian W

The food and environment minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, is spearheading a new strategy dedicated to making Denmark a global leader in clean-air technology.

The new strategy, which was unveiled today in Copenhagen, aims to double the export of clean-air tech, while reducing air pollution around the world.

“Clean air is important for people all over the world, and in the big cities pollution is so bad that it impacts on the citizens’ quality of life and health. That demands efficient solutions that we can deliver from Denmark,” said Larsen.

“This vision marks the start of a strong co-operation that aims to promote growth and export in the industry. Meanwhile, we’re helping the environment and improving health for people.”

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Million die annually
More specifically, the vision has a goal to double Danish exports of clean-tech solutions by 2030 – the industry exports for over 7 billion kroner today.

Among the companies and organisations partnering up with the government on the ambition are Dansk Industri, Danish Shipping, Danish Maritime, and the Danish Environmental Technology Association.

Some 3,000 cities around the world send in air pollution data to the WHO, and cities such as New Dehli and Cairo are some of the heaviest hit hubs – overstepping WHO air pollution recommendations by up to 600 percent.

Globally, around 3 million people die every year from illnesses attributed to outdoor air pollution. Air pollution levels in Europe are falling, but from a global perspective they are on the rise.