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Denmark has world’s easiest business culture 

Danes rank top on 2019 Business Culture Complexity Index

Lock it in Denmark! (photo: Pixabay)
July 24th, 2019 10:44 am| by Christian W

According to the newly-published 2019 Business Culture Complexity Index, Denmark ranks as the easiest country in the world when it comes to business culture. 

Launched by consultancy firm Commisceo Global, the index (here in English) ranked Denmark first out of the top 50 economies in the world based on a specific algorithm that takes into account 14 different parameters such as social, cultural and economic data from sources such as The UN and the World Bank. 

Findings included Denmark being very trusting of others, having a very happy society, a lacking feeling of religion, as well as strong scores in terms of economic freedom, corruption and freedom of the press. 

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Euro power
Culturally-speaking, the data points to an egalitarian culture, where hierarchies are relatively flat, perhaps reflected in its to relatively relaxed business culture,” the report found. 

Denmark’s leaning towards individual responsibility explains the greater emphasis placed on values such as rule of law, fairness and equality which in themselves are also expressed in the way business is done. 

Norway came in second on the index, followed by Finland, the Netherlands and France, while Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Spain rounded out the top 10.  

Other notables included Germany (11), the UK (12), Canada (16), Australia (17), the US (19), China (20), Japan (24), Russia (29), South Korea (30), Brazil (33), India (49) and rock bottom was Nigeria (50).