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Denmark misses out on new Nordea headquarters

One of Scandinavia’s biggest banks is relocating

The bank maybe moving its headquarters, but it will still be ‘business as usual’ for customers (photo: Arto Alanenpää)
September 8th, 2017 5:00 pm| by Stephen Gadd

The second-largest bank in Denmark, Nordea, has decided to vacate its headquarters in Sweden and move to Finland.

At a meeting on Wednesday, the board of directors of the bank announced the commencement of the process.

Nordea is dissatisfied with a planned tax on the financial sector that the Swedish government is planning to impose in order to better protect the state’s finances against a future financial crash.

Denmark had also been in the running as a potential destination for the headquarters, but in the end it lost out to Finland.

The bank also stated that customers will not notice any change in day-to-day services as a result of the move.