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Denmark’s gender pay gap among lowest in the world for self employed

Danes rank second in the world behind only Estonia

Handling their business, but being paid less (photo: Pixabay)
October 11th, 2019 9:40 am| by Christian W

According to new findings from job solutions website AppJobs, the gender pay gap for self-employed people in Denmark is among the lowest in the world.

The results, based on OECD figures, revealed that self-employed women in Denmark earn 7 percent less than their male counterparts – good enough for second place overall. First-placed Estonia is the only country in the world where self-employed women earn more than men.

“Estonia sits as the only country where self-employed women earn more than men (by 16 percent). Denmark, Luxembourg and Sweden are all leading the way in reducing the self-employment gender wage gap to 10 percent and under,” AppJobs wrote.

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US women struggling
Meanwhile, female entrepreneurs are still considerably out-paced by men in other developed countries.

For instance, the pay gap in the UK is at 33 percent in favour of the men, and corresponding disparities are found in Belgium (30 percent), the Netherlands (33), New Zealand (34), Canada (35), Ireland (37) and Switzerland (42).

The gap is particularly evident in the US, where self-employed men earn a stunning 56 percent more than women.

Meanwhile, the highest percentage of self-employed women can be found in Turkey with 34.6 percent, ahead of Mexico (31), Greece (28.4), Chile (22.6) and South Korea (22.6).

Earlier this year the 2019 Women, Business and the Law index gave Denmark top marks for gender equality in the labour market.