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Green growth at Copenhagen Airport

First quarter growth illustrates the need for strategy  

Copenhagen is number six (photo: Terry Whalebone/Flickr)
May 23rd, 2019 4:16 pm| by Edward Owen

After a record 2018 in which more than 30 million travellers passed through Copenhagen Airport, the first quarter of this year has seen a 1.2 percent increase.

In particular, the airport has seen growth of 8-10 percent in the number of transfer passengers and intercontinental travellers, underlining Copenhagen’s status as a northern European hub.

Climate plan
In March this year, CPH Kastrup embarked upon a new climate strategy when the award-winning airport introduced an ambitious initiative.

Goals include becoming CO2-neutral in 2019 and for emission-free transport to and from the airport by 2030. The need for such a plan has been emphasised by the continued passenger growth.

Compensating for emissions
“As a first step, we have decided to make the airport CO2-neutral as early as this year,” explained Copenhagen Airport chief executive Thomas Woldbye.

“We compensate every kilo of CO2 by investing in projects that remove at least the same amount of CO2.”

Retail playing a role
The various retail outlets are also playing their part by reducing the use of plastics and improving waste management.  Food waste is now being collected and used for the production of bio-gas.

These actions complement wider government and EU strategies that set long-term goals for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.  

Expansion and efficiency
Copenhagen has been named the most efficient airport in Europe on more than one occasion – achieved largely due to the automation of processes.

Terminals two and three have recently been expanded and the addition of 80,000 sqm between gates B and C in T2 will be completed by 2028.