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Jensen’s Bøfhus lost millions due to negative Facebook campaign

Social media showed its power, and it was a painful lesson for the Danish steakhouse chain

Jensen’s Bøfhus is a Danish steakhouse chain with 33 restaurants across Denmark (photo: Pixabay)
June 18th, 2015 4:43 pm| by Lucie Rychla

Jensen’s Bøfhus tripled its losses and came out of 2014 almost 30 million kroner in the red, Berlingske reports.

Last year, the Danish steakhouse chain experienced a sales decline of almost 7 percent, for which it blamed negative social media attention.

Conflict about exclusive rights to be called Jensen
In September 2014, it became involved in a legal conflict with a fish restaurant from north Jutland.

After the company defended its right to exclusively use Denmark’s most common surname in connection with restaurant operations at the Supreme Court, the small fish restaurant could no longer call itself Jensens Fiskehus.

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Social media storm
A few days later, a social media storm broke out, with fans of Jensens Fiskehus showing their support and donating money to the small fish restaurateur.

The Facebook page ‘Boycott Jensen’s Bøfhus’ got over 100,000 likes and possibly contributed to the significant losses the chain experienced last year.

In 2013, Jensen’s Bøfhus recorded a loss of around 10 million kroner, and in the three previous years, it made stable profits of about 6 million.