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Joyful moments working in a dynamic and varied business environment

Bulgarian senior financial systems analyst Galina Nikolova tells us about her workplace

Galina Nikolova enjoys life at Maersk
March 22nd, 2015 7:00 pm| by Philip Tees

What’s your job title and what do you do during a typical day at work?
I work for the Maersk Group as a senior financial systems analyst. Currently, I am involved in a project investigating opportunities for implementation of a new reporting system. As we are now at the design phase of the project, we are still finalising the requirements, meeting with different stakeholders, and talking to the programmers. Basically, every day at work is different, full of interesting and challenging tasks, travelling, and meeting various people.

What’s the best thing about working for Maersk?
The best thing is the diversity. Maersk Group is a conglomerate present in more than 130 countries across the world. There are more than 80 nationalities working at Maersk Group headquarters and having such an amazing mixture of knowledge, mentalities, habits and traditions concentrated in one place is priceless. The second best thing, which for some might sound like a cliché, is actually our company’s values. It took me some time to fully understand them, but once I did, I liked them a lot and actually embraced some of them as my personal values.

How long have you worked for Maersk?
I have been with Maersk Group for almost 12 years.

What’s the best thing about working in Denmark?
Denmark allows me to have a proper work-life balance, and this is highly appreciated by my family. I also like the nice atmosphere in the office – stress is almost non-existent, and there is teamwork and co-operation.

Are there any unexpected perks working at Maersk?
Of course there are. Working in such a dynamic and varied business environment, which is also significantly diversified, brings lots of unexpectedly joyful moments. I have good stories to one day tell my grandchildren.

What characterises an employee at Maersk?
Very intelligent, a strong personality, communicative and a good team player.

What makes you proud about your job and your company?
Firstly, working for Maersk Group – makes me happy and eager to go to work every single day. Secondly, I feel honoured that I am contributing with my knowledge to keep the engine running.

What are the most striking differences between Denmark and your home country?
I would say the weather and the people. Southern European people are more open and inviting. I also miss the outdoor possibilities and going out more often with my colleagues, friends and family.

Are you aware of any stereotypes about Denmark and the Danes? How do these compare with reality?
Back in 2006, my first year in Denmark, I attended a course on which one of my teachers described an average Dane as a coconut shell – very difficult to break, but once you do it you have got a friend for life. I think she was not far from the truth.

Is there anything you miss about living and working in your home country?
I deeply miss my family, my former colleagues and friends. I miss the mountains, the sea, and the more reliable summer. But after all, I found my love and got my own family here, so it is a matter of adjusting and learning to appreciate what do you have at the moment.

Did you feel that it was easy as an expat to come to work in Denmark?
According to my personal experience, Denmark is one of the easiest countries to live in as an expat. I have never had issues from day one, and after nine years I would say I haven’t experienced any major problems. The fact that everybody speaks English and is ready to navigate you if needed is a huge advantage for any newcomer.

What would be your advice to someone thinking about coming to Denmark to work?
Come and try without being afraid. I hope you will fall in love with Copenhagen and the country at first sight, like it happened to me.


• Maersk Group is a worldwide conglomerate and operates in some 130 countries

• In addition to owning one of the world’s largest shipping companies, Maersk Group is involved in a wide range of activities in shipping, logistics, and the oil and gas industries

• The company has a workforce of over 89,000 employees

• Maersk Group’s corporate language is English and the company currently has approximately 70 different nationalities at the headquarters in Copenhagen alone

• Expat employees at Maersk Group are invited to join the APMM International Society, which aims to create a platform where employees can meet each other and expand their network within the  company

• The network offers leisure events every six to eight weeks, such as movie nights and an occasional outing, like going to the theatre or meeting up at a designated pub or restaurant

• More specific information workshops about possibilities for expats in Copenhagen are available through the network, including elements like accommodation tips, education and volunteering opportunities and entrepreneurship

• The network has a buddy system that allows new employees to ask for a contact person to help out with practical things regarding living in Denmark