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Luxury car owners in Denmark switching to electric Tesla

Almost 1000 of these cars have been sold in the country since 2014

The Tesla Model S (photo: RogDel)
May 28th, 2015 10:15 am| by Lucie Rychla

Did you think a luxury car was beyond your means? Not anymore thanks to the government’s tax exemption on electric cars and the emergence of the Tesla Model S.

Sports and luxury car enthusiasts in Denmark are increasingly swapping the Audi A8, BMW 5 and Mercedes E for the model, reveals the Danish Car Importers Association – all for a price of a large family car.

Popular choice among electric cars
In 2014, the American company Tesla, which specialises in producing electric cars, sold 616 of its Model S sedans in Denmark and some 282 during the first four months of this year.

In fact, more than one third of all electric cars cruising the Danish roads come from the manufacturer.

Saves big on tax fees
When choosing an electric car, Danish buyers do not have to pay any taxes (bar the VAT), making Tesla competitively cheaper than its traditional rivals.

The price for the Model S ranges from 623,000 and 875,000 kroner, saving the buyer an average of 1.2 million kroner on registration fees.