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Maersk closes gap on Lego as Denmark’s most valuable brand

Swedish companies dominate Nordic top 50, taking six places in the top ten

Prepare to board! Maersk has Lego in its sights (photo: Pixabay)
September 11th, 2019 9:10 am| by Ben Hamilton

Following on from some encouraging financial results, Maersk has rocketed up the Brand Finance rankings for Denmark, jumping four places from sixth to number two to trail only Lego, which itself recently released some improved interims.

Nevertheless, the toy maker saw the value of its brand value fall by 9 percent to 43.4 billion kroner, and should Maersk continue on a trajectory that saw its brand value surge by 45 percent to 28.6 billion kroner, the rankings could have a new leader next year.

Resplendent Rema
The biggest climber in Denmark is the supermarket chain Rema 1000, which despite being headquartered in Oslo has a separate Danish business. Its brand value rose by 51 percent.

Supermarket owner Coop Danmark, meanwhile, fell out of the top ten, sliding down from ninth to 13th as its brand value decreased by 16 percent to 7.7 billion kroner, making way for Carlsberg, which now sits in tenth place following a 9 percent gain up to 8.8 billion kroner.

The top ten in Denmark were Lego, Maersk, Arla, Danske Bank, Pandora, Vestas, ISS, Novo Nordisk, DSV and Carlsberg.

Lego leveraging
According to Brand Finance, Lego faces challenges to maintain its brand value.

“Lego’s brand has been built over many years, and it is facing existential challenges from new technologies,” commented Brand Finance chief executive David Haigh.

“Its iconic status is under threat, but Lego is working hard to leverage its existing brand strength into new product categories. So far, while its core business certainly remains threatened, it appears to be avoiding the risk of extinction faced by other businesses that have seen fundamental challenges to their markets from new technology.”

IKEA indestructible
Maersk missed out on the top ten for the Nordic region, with only Lego making it at number six.

Swedish brands dominated the Nordic rankings, taking six of the top ten spots, with only 16 Danish brands making the top 50, although this was more than Finland (six) or Norway (four).

IKEA topped the rankings thanks to a 13 percent rise in its brand value to 138.2 billion kroner, followed by H&M (101.9 billion) and Volvo (88.4 billion).