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NemID on the way out – long live the MitID

Unknown as of yet whether ID key card will be phased out

On the horizon (photo: Digitaliseringsstyrelsen)
March 22nd, 2017 3:54 pm| by Christian W

Whether it’s logging onto your bank account, checking your taxes or placing a bet on your sports betting account, it’s simply not possible without the national computer login service NemID.

But NemID’s days are numbered. In future 4.7 million users of NemID will have to get used to a different system and, to start with, a new name, which is MitID (‘MyID’).

“The name MitID isn’t just a new name, but an indicator of a clear improvement of the current NemID system,” said Lars Frelle-Petersen, the head of the national agency for digitalisation, Digitaliseringsstyrelsen.

“The 4.7 million users are actually very pleased. But technological development is still required, and that means setting new targets. We must ensure the user gets a more user-friendly and mobile solution that is more flexible than the one today. That work is well under way, and now it also has a name.”

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Early stages
For now, not many details have been released about MitID – only that it is a long-term project that is currently in the bidding process.

The system will be produced in co-operation with Danish banks and the public sector.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to an important part of society’s IT structure,” said Ulrik Nødgaard, the CEO of the Danish Banking Association.

“A strong public-private collaboration regarding the new MitID ensures continued secure access to online banking, public services and other aspects of digital life that requires confidentiality. MitID will build on a technologically intuitive platform so users can continue to live digitally without limits or concerns.”