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New company to help Danes fight unfair parking tickets

Jur Nordica takes a commission for cases won

510 kroner out the window? Perhaps not (photo: ThorRune)
September 6th, 2019 11:27 am| by Christian W

There’s just one thing more annoying than finding a parking ticket on your car window – and that’s if the ticket has been unfairly issued.

Well, say hello to Jur Nordica, a start-up firm that pledges to fight parking tickets on behalf of clients who feel the tickets have been unjustly given.

“It’s my impression that the parking companies delay cases by not voiding fines, even though they know they are not legitimate. They hope people will be intimidated into paying by the word ‘fogedretten’ [‘enforcement court’] and won’t dare fight on,” Stefan Hühne, the head of Jur Nordica, told TV2 News.

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Commission for winning
Of course, very few things in this world are for free, and Jur Nordica will take a commission for any case won – the fee depending on the amount of the ticket. For instance, for winning a case involving a 510 kroner ticket, Jur Nordica will take 199 kroner for its efforts.

Many parking tickets are issued due to the rule stating that you can’t park within 10 metres of a junction. But people may be unaware that there is actually a leeway tolerance of 1.20 metres in Copenhagen Municipality.

Effectively, this means that you actually have to be parked within 8.80 metres of a junction for a fine to be given.

Over 307,000 parking tickets were issued in Copenhagen last year, while Aarhus saw over 60,000. The complaint percentage in both cities is about 7 percent.

Another option for those who feel wrongly ticketed is to issue a complaint to They take a fee of 175 kroner, which is returned if the parking ticket is annulled.